September Races

This month we did a December themed challenge, because there is no way in hell we are running in December. Kyla was on an email list for a company that does a Home Alone themed challenge, a 5k and 10k with a chaser medal called Little Nero’s Challenge. Since we were one race short of our goal, we signed up and will end up not counting the 5k. We just had to do the challenge because the chaser medal is so cool!

We did the 5k very early on a lovely Friday morning on the Jordan River Trail (of course). As we get further into fall, I get less and less upset about the lack of shade cover and try to enjoy the magnificent mountain views.

On Sunday, it being Sunday and all, we were able to start a little later in the morning on the very same trail. About three minutes into the run I felt a terrible stinging/burning sensation in my left calf. I was pretty sure that my calf had snapped in half – because what else kind of injury haven’t I had yet? But I turned around and there was a wasp stinging me. Which was a relief?

We stopped briefly so Kyla could brush the stinger off my calf, the wasp had moved on by then. Other than the stinging feeling, I felt fine. I have no known allergy to wasps or bees, so I decided that we would continue the 10k. Fortunately that was the worst thing that happened on our run.

  1. SLC Run Series 5k
  2. Candy Heart 5k
  3. Run SLC Series 10k
  4. Lucky 13 10k
  5. Run SLC Series 15k
  6. Conquer CoVid-19 10k
  7. SoJo Earth Day 10k
  8. Social Distancing 6k / Sarah doesn’t care about koala bears apparently 5k
  9. Geek Day 10k
  10. Undesirable No. 2 10k
  11. SoJo Summerfest 5k
  12. Park City Trail Series 5k
  13. Locomotor 8k
  14. Park City Trail Series 10k
  15. SoJo Glow 10k
  16. Run For It Marty! 10k
  17. Home Alone 5k & 10k (Little Nero’s Challenge)

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