October Races

Back in May, we were training to do a handful of half marathons this year and I “made” Kyla run 9 miles on her birthday and a 10k the following weekend which was also Mother’s Day. Because I’m a monster. Obviously, all of our half marathon plans were pushed to next year. We haven’t really been training for anything more than the 10ks we are running for the remainder of the year.

When my birthday came around, Kyla told me we needed to run 9 miles. And I said, “Ok.” Be careful what you ask me to do, I’m obviously crazy.

So, for my birthday weekend, we ran an UP Themed 10k. The weather was delightful, I didn’t get stung by any wasps, and then I went home to enjoy a massive breakfast made by Chad.

While we had planned to do more (or all) of the races in October, weather and work, and a bet between the spouses forced our remaining races to be in November. I’m looking forward to finishing up in November and maybe hanging up the running shoes in December. We might even get that Peloton Bike that Chad keeps threatening to buy.

  1. SLC Run Series 5k
  2. Candy Heart 5k
  3. Run SLC Series 10k
  4. Lucky 13 10k
  5. Run SLC Series 15k
  6. Conquer CoVid-19 10k
  7. SoJo Earth Day 10k
  8. Social Distancing 6k / Sarah doesn’t care about koala bears apparently 5k
  9. Geek Day 10k
  10. Undesirable No. 2 10k
  11. SoJo Summerfest 5k
  12. Park City Trail Series 5k
  13. Locomotor 8k
  14. Park City Trail Series 10k
  15. SoJo Glow 10k
  16. Run For It Marty! 10k
  17. Home Alone 5k & 10k (Little Nero’s Challenge)
  18. Adventure is Out There 10k

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