Cemetery Pillars Part 1

Neighbor: I have to ask, what are you building there?

Me: (wearing a face mask for non-pandemic reasons) Cemetery Pillars

Neighbor: For what?

Me: The Graveyard

Neighbor: …

Me: …

Neighbor: … (this is where I remember it is currently August)

Me: For the Halloween Graveyard that we set up for Halloween (wildly gesticulating to the location of the graveyard in previous years)?

Neighbor: OOhhh! That makes sense.

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Laundry Hacks

I don’t mind doing laundry. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it, I just don’t mind it. Sorting clothes, running the washer and dryer, hanging things up and putting them away are all things that I can clip through in under 10 minutes. The parts I mind are the things that take longer; folding, […]

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Organized Pantry

When we were building the house, I was pretty excited about having a pantry. I didn’t want a giant butler’s pantry like the ones infecting the Pinterest, because I couldn’t imagine ever needing to store that much food all at once. We cook a lot, but usually in 4-6 servings at a time type of way. So, the small corner pantry that was already designed for our shmedium sized (but much larger than the condo) kitchen, was going to be perfect.

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Planner Sticker Organization

A digital calendar is far more effective and efficient for my life. I put appointments into my phone as soon as I make them. I share a calendar with Chad so we know if/when one or the other has plans. Changing plans is as easy as the click of a button – no messy scratch offs. I don’t have to worry about my terrible handwriting or accidentally using the wrong pen color. When I remember to put the address in, my phone will tell me when to leave to arrive on time and how to get there. And yet, there’s something about putting pen to paper. Physically crossing something off of my to-do list. And most importantly, being able to flip through the calendar and find an appointment or the last time I had the pest control people out and not find that it was erased because the calendar only keeps 6 months in the past.

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