July Races

July was the month where we really had to start getting up early to beat the heat. I mean early early. Like 5:45 am to get ready to go running. Once everyone with children stops laughing at me I will continue.

But it was 100% worth it to be getting done when it was EIGHTY DEGREES. Ugh. Why do I live in Utah again??? Seriously, someone please remind me. July and I DO NOT get along. And with the pandemic making it so that I couldn’t travel up to Park City and stay somewhere cool on the weekends at least… it made me hate Utah slightly more. Don’t worry. September and October will come and I’ll forget all about my hatred.

But I digress. As usual.

Park City Trail Series 10k

This race was actually opened for Social Distanced Racing. Which appeared to be wearing a mask when you were passing or within 6 feet of another runner. And trying not to be within 6 feet of another runner. But since I didn’t want to get up EVEN EARLIER to drive up to Park City the morning of (we were a little wary of renting a hotel the night before) we opted to continue doing our virtual thing on the Jordan River Trail.

The trail manages somehow not to disappoint us with views, if it does disappoint us with lack of tree cover for SHADE.

SoJo Glow 10k

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m very into these SoJo races. So it was very easy for Kyla to talk me into doing this one. The starting point was at Mulligans this time, which turned out to be a really great spot to park and connect to the trail, so much so that we’ve been sticking to meeting there instead of the park across the street and a mile down the road. It was a lovely trail and it was a lovely morning, if not excessively early to avoid more heat. We also saw three hummingbirds during our virtual race, so I was pretty excited about that.

Unfortunately I was unable to convince them to migrate to my backyard.

We only added two medals to our collection this month, and next month will probably just be one, since we have plenty of year left and not so many races to fill that time with. And many of those months have really nice weather that doesn’t require being up before 7am to appreciate it.

  1. SLC Run Series 5k
  2. Candy Heart 5k
  3. Run SLC Series 10k
  4. Lucky 13 10k
  5. Run SLC Series 15k
  6. Conquer CoVid-19 10k
  7. SoJo Earth Day 10k
  8. Social Distancing 6k / Sarah doesn’t care about koala bears apparently 5k
  9. Geek Day 10k
  10. Undesirable No. 2 10k
  11. SoJo Summerfest 5k
  12. Park City Trail Series 5k
  13. Locomotor 8k
  14. Park City Trail Series 10k
  15. SoJo Glow 10k

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