Bella The Dog

We adopted Bella in September of 2010 from the local Humane Society. On her cage she was identified as half Jack Russell Terrier and half Norfolk Terrier. She had very long hair that she didn’t like to have brushed so she spent the first several months looking homeless, she was very afraid of the air conditioner, she tried to bite anyone who came into the condo, and she loved Chad more than life itself.

While we were getting used to Bella, I did some research and learned that Norfolk Terriers are supposed to be the happiest dog breed around. Bella is the saltiest dog I have ever met. She gives no inclination towards the happiness expected of a Norfolk. Except maybe this once when Chad gave her meth*

*You guys, we don’t feed our dog meth!  We’re saving that for when we have kids.

Without knowing where she came from, we can’t say for sure. Unless we want to shell out money and get one of those kits to find out. Most people would find that type of expense silly. We own a dog who has been christened Bella Booperton Dowager Countess of Spain Castle. And I’m fairly certain that the expansion and remodel of our Vet Hospital is going to be named the Bella Wing.

Best fren Champ and Bella getting all the bubbles

If you’re not yet in the know, Bella has her own instagram account, because, of course she does. She goes on many adventures, chases birds, kills rats, looks for kittyboos, snoozes in the sunshine, pouts, argues with her mama, sleeps on the floor next to – not in – her (many many many) beds, side-eyes like a teenager, and hates going to physical therapy. But we make her go anyway. Because we’re the worst dog parents in the whole world. Or so I’ve been told.

We feel very fortunate she takes such good care of us, protects our home from rats, birds, and the pizza guy, and almost never barks in the middle of the night at nothing.

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