Organized Medicine Cabinet

Back when we moved into the Blue House, there were very few prescription medications taken by our family of three. Bella was taking the occasional Benedryl or Peptobismol and once in awhile I took a multivitamin. I had installed an elfa door and wall rack on our pantry door and dedicated a shelf to medications for humans and one for dog. It worked out ok.

But as our collective medicine cabinet grew more complicated, I started to question my pantry location for the medicines. It also (for reasons I can’t explain) bothered me that our first aid kit was kept in the downstairs bathroom not quite near the meds, and not in the kitchen where I usually found myself in need of it.

It wasn’t until I was boxing up / getting rid of items for the basement renovation creating an empty cabinet that I had my ah-ha moment; maybe it was time to create an actual medicine cabinet.

The newly emptied cabinet is next to the fridge and across from the water cooler. Which makes a lot of sense considering that Bella – whose food is refrigerated – takes most of her medications with mealtimes, and the humans take their medications with water. Once I had the realization that my plan was perfect (as all my plans are), I pulled out all the meds from the pantry as well as the supplements (since those usually go in a glass of water as well) and sorted them on the counter.


After everything was sorted (and expired medications were tossed) I decided I needed four clear bins and two 9-inch lazy susans. I had the bins (1 – iDesign Plastic Storage) in the garage left over from another project so they just had to be cleaned. I ordered the lazy susans (2 – Copco 9-inch Lazy Susan Turntable) which conveniently came in a pack of two. And of course, my trusty (3) label maker.

I also decided to include two caddies (clear command caddy, medium) to the cabinet door because that’s how I roll. In all honesty, the caddies were already in the cabinet from the previous set-up, I just decided to leave them and continue using them albeit in a different manner.

Then it was time to put everything away and label it.

Bella’s Stuff

After Bella’s vet appointments, there is usually a new plan for her medications and therapy. I decided to add a command clip to post her most recent doctor note for all to see and reference. She has her own caddy for her (personal and labeled) thermometer and (personal and labeled) pill cutter. She also has her own lazy susan for her medications and a bin for her backstock.

Human Stuff

Our meds all fit on the lower lazy susan and lower caddy. All the supplements fit into one clear bin. I used the top two bins for cold & flu medicines and backstock, with space in between for the first aid kit.

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