2014: A Year In Review

If you have spoken to us, visited facebook, follow us on instagram, or wandered onto this website any time in the last year, you would know that 2014 was the year of running.

2014 Runs

We participated in three 10ks and six half marathons across four states and two countries; and ran in six states if you add Colorado and Illinois just for fun (no official events).


We collected a lot of pretty medals, ate many brunches following those runs, and went through two pairs of running shoes each (that doesn’t sound like much but they wear out at 500 miles).


We did a lot of travel from Park City (near) and Hawaii (far), from Disneyland to Disney World… and back to Disneyland. We got to visit friends in Denver, Chicago, and San Francisco.  Chad went to Las Vegas for college basketball and Los Angeles to hang out with his best man. I (finally) got a passport so I could run in Vancouver, Canada with Lindsey… unfortunately we did not get to be on Love it or List it, Too or The Flash. Maybe next time.


Bella, as usual, was sad a lot. But she also had many visits from her favorite Aunt Lindsey, broke a tooth (and had a root canal for said tooth), and spent many hours watching the kitty-boo that moved in downstairs.


We attended both the FanX and Salt Lake Comic Con events. We met Kevin Conroy, Lou Ferrigno, Patrick Warburton, and the Time Machine. Chad went all out by making his Batman costume and everyone stopped him for pictures. Even if he is slightly too short to be the real Batman, he was definitely the best Batman there, IMHO.


We also attended some Deer Valley Summer Concert Series, celebrated birthdays, and had a fantastic Thanksgiving Meal prepared by Team Hephalumps, I mean, Sarah and Chad. Bella kept the floor clean. It was a lovely year, and we hope to see you in 2015!

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