The Kitchen Purge

On a day that Chad and I had previously decided to go skiing – we found out that there was an important meeting we HAD TO attend, so we nixed skiing and instead got to work purging and cleaning the kitchen. This was one of the things on our Big Move List. Although not as fun as skiing, it was definitely fun (for me) to knock a huge item off of the list.

Also, a LOT LESS likely that I would break a leg.

The first thing we did (and by “we”, I mean “Chad”) was move the oven. I will admit right here, right now, that I have never, not once, in the whole time we have lived here, moved the oven. I wasn’t aware that this was something you could do. I mean, I guess I realized it was possible, I just didn’t think it was something as simple as say, moving the fridge. Which I do often. The oven’s home was thoroughly cleaned and spotless before moving the oven back in.

We then methodically moved around the room removing items from cupboards and drawers that we no longer use and/or need. We separated out party supplies, BBQ, and Thanksgiving stuff so that those could be packed away when I get started on that portion of the list.

Here’s the stuff heading to its new home: The Good Will. Well, not the tea kettle, but everything else.

GoodWill Mess
GoodWill Mess 2

We cleaned out so much stuff that an entire cabinet, which was previously being used as a BBQ/small appliance cabinet, is now able to house larger cookware and our cookbook collection. The cookbooks that were previously in the office instead of the kitchen. There was a good reason for cookbooks to be outside of the kitchen: we always did our menu planning in the office. But my heart feels happy that they are now in the kitchen. Until we move.

Cook Book Cabinet

After carrying all our discarded items down to the car, we replaced three burned out lightbulbs and scrubbed down every surface. And finally, before any dust or food could fall onto any surfaces, I took pictures.


I am absolutely smitten with our progress, the results, and my brilliant oven moving husband.

One thought on “The Kitchen Purge

  1. Bravo! The kitchen looks absolutely neat and spotless! I need to do the same thing this weekend because my kitchen doesn’t look so good right now! Thank you for sharing! 🙂


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