HaniBella Lecter

On Saturday mornings I have been doing a 7k walk/run with my good friend Nicole, sometimes Sanda and sometimes WHEN SHE IS BEHAVING, Bella.

The first time Nicole and I went on a run we took Bella with us. Even though Bella was acting cute and cuddly she decided at one point to try and bite to death an innocent runner. Fortunately this was a seasoned runner who hopped over Bella’s bared teeth and didn’t otherwise miss a beat. Bella was very upset that she wasn’t sly enough to get her target but not as upset as I was that Bella is trickier than she first appears.

After that Bella stayed at home with Chad.

This weekend Nicole urged me to bring Bella and I was only willing to allow her if she was wearing her muzzle and pinch collar. I was laughing at how scary this makes our 14 pound dog look when Nicole came up with Bella’s running nickname: Hanibella Lecter.

I see a close resemblance:


Bella is slightly cuddlier than Hanibal Lecter… but definitely more deadly.



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