2011: A Year In Review

It’s that time of year again, the one where I wax poetic on the previous year. As always this is more for me than for you so sit down and shut up enjoy. We again sent out a Christmas photo of our most photogenic family member…

I am glad to report that only minor injuries were incurred from that photo shoot.

Bella turned 3. She started successfully attending Doggy Day-Care weekly which has helped her get along with other animals AND we’re now able to put a muzzle on her for her protection as well as ours. We’re very glad we brought our little terrierist into our lives.

We celebrated our first anniversary this year at Log Haven by ourselves for a quiet evening consuming an entire years worth of calories.

We welcomed our first niece in November. She is adorable and most importantly has gotten us off the hook as far as being parents for at least 3-5 more years. I will only pretend for a sentence that Bella isn’t our furbaby and we are, obviously, parents. If my parents don’t accept her as their first grandchild, they are going to be very disappointed down the road.

Chad’s sister got engaged so we’re very much looking forward to the wedding in Hawaii this May 🙂

Fortunately we had the time to take a few trips this year: Becca and I went to visit Annie in New York in March; Chad spent a month in Southern Utah for work but also got to visit with his grandparents; Becca, Brian, Chad, and I went to Disneyland in September; Chad and I went to visit the new baby (and Laura, and Mel) and many other members of our extended family in San Francisco in December; and as usual, even though this is very likely cheating, we both spent a handful of evenings in Park City with various groups of friends.

2 thoughts on “2011: A Year In Review

  1. 1. Got your Christmas card! Presh! Loved Bella. Tell her she should be glad I'm not her mom. We had to get a 2 Tb external hard drive to hold all of the pictures and movies we take of our wee beastie.<br />2.I can't believe it has only been a year 😀 Well, I suppose at this point it has been a year and a half. But wow! You guys are still absolutely perfect!<br /><br />3.What a beautiful


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