2010: A Year In Review

This year, the first year I’ve actually been a somewhat relevant member of Utah society… well as far as certain Utahns are concerned. This was the year we started getting a lot of Christmas cards littered with children and smiling families in awkward poses. So, when Chad started bugging me to send out a Christmas Card I took a picture of the most photogenic member of our family and sent it out (that’s Bella, for those not in the know).

But a lot of things happened this year and as all of these types of posts are more for me than you, I’ll get to the point and make it as painless as possible.

I/We (whatever) got married. Hopefully you were there, if not, we missed you!


We bought a condo. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will be painting and furnishing this place until the day we move out… Chad resigned himself (much sooner) to coming home to rooms colored and furnished differently than when he left. He’s stopped questioning, he’s a quick learner after all.

We adopted a dog. Also, see above for best looking member of our family. I often have trouble getting over how much she looks like my childhood dog, Peepers – I have already given up trying to worry about how much it will cost to put our future kids through enough therapy to get over their parents loving the dog more than them. Oh well, I can’t keep all the good book writing material to myself.

The Late Mr. Peepers, The Wonder Dog
The Late Mr. Peepers, The Wonder Dog

Chad got into the Family Practice Residency here in Salt Lake… so that means three two and a half more years of cold snowy winters.



Which leads me to the most important part of the list:

Travel, or What we did to get away all year! We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon; I went to New York with Becca and my parents to visit Annie; We went to Disneyland and my good buddy Lindsey was able to join for an evening and the Wonderful World of Color, Chad was also able to spend a few extra days with his best man, Brian; and finally Chad and his dad went to Seattle to do some fishing… I might be able to tell you more about it when he stops complaining about the seals eating all the salmon.


And that is all I have for me you… Happy New Year everyone!!

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