Organized Shared Closet

I don’t know if I’ve ever discussed this here, but I used to design elfa closets. I loved doing it and I was great at it, or so I’ve been told. There was nothing better than designing a closet space that fit all the clothes and accessories for someone who thought their current closet was just too small. Designing a closet for one person was probably the easiest. Designing a closet for two people is where you were always met with a challenge, and I do love a challenge.

Once the walls were up in the Blue House, I measured the space – which is L shaped… and we’ll discuss that in a later post – and set about designing our master closet. I always like there to be a division of some sort within a shared closet. For instance, if you have a reach-in closet, one side belongs to person A and the other side belongs to person B. If it’s a larger walk-in, then maybe one wall belongs to person A and the other to person B. If you’re the type of person who has a room masquerading as a closet, please adopt me.

This is not a sponsored post

We are pretty evenly split when it comes to clothes and shoes. So, we each got one wall, and we split the weird spaces, I’ll get to those in a minute.

This is my section of the closet. I spent a long time figuring out my favorite hangers, and I’ve settled on slim hangers, in dark gray. I especially loves these because they don’t give my tops shoulder nipples. The plethora of baskets are for items that don’t fold as easily, or shouldn’t be given an entire drawer because they aren’t used frequently enough. I absolutely cannot stand folded clothes on shelves, so even if they do fold neatly, I put them in a basket. There’s less likelihood that the whole stack will fall over when you’re trying to grab just one thing.

I have two sections of drawers, this is where I store jewelry, bras, socks, undapants, sweatpants, and lots and lots of athleisure. I’ll discuss my feelings on hanging versus folding in another post some time.

The middle section is shared, mostly just for fancy shoes and boots. The glide out shoe organizers really make it possible to store all of our nice shoes in such a small space. We keep sneakers, sandals, and snow boots in the mud room. The center section also houses Chad’s socks, belts, nice shoes, sweaters, and other infrequently used clothing items that don’t quite deserve their own drawer.

I know at first glance, it appears that Chad has a lot of clothes, but that is because most of his clothing is hanging up. But also it’s because he has a lot of clothes :D. His hangers are these nice sturdy wooden ones. For both of our hanging clothes, I divide sections with these clothing rack dividers. I’ve used them many times in children’s closets and I decided that I really wanted them for ours as well.

This, very stupid, section is where we have the hampers (the gray wall hamper is exclusively for bras), running jackets, and overnight bags – we use the very top shelves in the closet for luggage storage. This section also has a small amount of space for a floor length mirror – and you can probably see the sock docks as well. If you noticed that we use yet another type of hanger for the running jackets, you have a good eye, they are the huggable hangers in black, which I use in both guest room closets as well.

My whole plan is to renovate the bathroom and closet so they aren’t two very weird yin yang shapes and have a much more organized area (I discussed that here). But until then, the closet is actually very functional. If I had known at the time we were building the house that I could move walls around (that didn’t exist yet) I would have done a lot of things differently. But here we are.

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