June Races

Back in January, June was going to be a rough month. In that we planned to participate in two half marathons that would give us good proof of time for races that would take place later in the year. As it became clearer (in April) and clearer (in May) that our main fall running event wouldn’t be taking place, I decided that we didn’t need to kill ourselves with half marathons in June anymore – especially if those half marathons would be virtual.

It is not necessary for me to be THAT adventurous with these races.

Kyla very quickly found us two virtual 5ks to participate in and I found an 8k … because I’d never run an 8k before? And the medal was really cool and Harry Potter related.

SoJo Summerfest 5K

I’ve discussed my experience with a SoJo virtual race before, but to remind everyone how WONDERFUL they are: the event organizer puts large stickers on the ground pointing out the race course and maintains it for a week. This means a race course has been designated and is maintained to prevent over crowding.

This race course was a little weird, as it strayed off the Jordan River Trail and into a residential area. Despite the giant hill we encountered early on, the course was fairly easy and definitely simple to follow. Kyla and I ran miles behind Chad (I think he was finishing as we crossed mile 1) but we enjoyed the weather and the sun and the medal was really nice as well.

Park City Trail Series 5k

The Park City Trail Series is something I’ve been meaning to participate in for years. It’s basically an excuse to spend the night in Park City and benefit from the 10-20 degree deficit in heat and better air quality for a nice run and a medal. And a fancy breakfast out before heading down the canyon and back home. Somehow I manage to let the summer zip by every year without participating.

Since the 5k was set to be virtual (other races will be decided case by case) and we had the option of either heading up to Park City and running the course on our own, or running our own course, we decided to sign up and figure out our plan later. Of course the easiest thing to do was to just run our regular – at this point – Jordan River Trail course and go on with our day. And that’s what ended up happening.

Maybe the 10k will finally be the race I get to enjoy a course in Park City. Or next year.

Potter Running Club Locomotor 8k

An 8k, if you can’t math and/or you live in the United States of America, is basically 5 miles. We also ran this one on the Jordan River Trail and the weather very kindly cooperated. I feel like I could take or leave an 8k, if you’re going to run 5 miles, you may as well go ahead and run 6.

But that’s just, you know, my opinion, man.

  1. SLC Run Series 5k
  2. Candy Heart 5k
  3. Run SLC Series 10k
  4. Lucky 13 10k
  5. Run SLC Series 15k
  6. Conquer CoVid-19 10k
  7. SoJo Earth Day 10k
  8. Social Distancing 6k / Sarah doesn’t care about koala bears apparently 5k
  9. Geek Day 10k
  10. Undesirable No. 2 10k
  11. SoJo Summerfest 5k
  12. Park City Trail Series 5k
  13. Locomotor 8k

We’ve reached Lucky #13! We may run all twenty races before my birthday if this keeps up!

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