Master Bedroom Closet

The closet was one of the things I hated the most about the condo when we moved in. I hated the paint, the carpet, and the whole closet system. I HATED trying to come up with ways to best use the space and no matter what I did things always got lost in that closet. For 2 years I’ve put up with it now, I must stop this Christmas thing from coming… but HOW?!

Ahem… sorry, got carried away.

It’s just, look at what we were dealing with:

What was working:

  • Extra space to put unused hangers
  • High storage for luggage
  • Some Long Hang
  • Lots of Short Hang

What was NOT working:

  • Purse storage
  • Shoe Storage ( I hate having anything on the floor)
  • Unused shelving on the left hand side
  • The long hang on the right wall of the closet hid about 2 feet of the short hang portion so the corner was a Bermuda triangle of clothing.

We tore everything out, patched up the holes, painted a new color (bye bye greige!), and installed an elfa custom closet from The Container Store.

Here is the (almost finished) closet:

What I’m in love with: the floor length mirror, the sock jar (it really frees up drawer space!), the shoe storage, and how much more functional the closet is.

What I still need to work on: purse storage, chalkboard tags for our sock jars, and a chandelier. Ok, maybe not the chandelier part 🙂

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