Pantry Baskets with Wheels

I love decorative baskets for storage. I’m also strangely obsessed with woven baskets. I used to come home from target with a new basket every single time I went in as if the decorative basket section was calling me in with its siren song. What was I going to use a NEW basket for? IT WOULD EVENTUALLY REVEAL ITS PURPOSES. 

I found the milk crate size to be particularly useful around the house. Shoe storage? Check. (More) Toy storage? Absolutely. Closet storage? Of course. Pantry storage? Indubitably.

The only problem was that – with the exception of the shoe storage – I don’t like *things* on the floor. Things being anything that isn’t a rug, furniture, or well, shoes. It stems partially from arachnophobia and partially from THAT’S NOT WHERE *THINGS* GO. Well and the other problem is that I hate dragging baskets on tile floors. But the baskets were perfect for bulky, heavy, odd shaped storage that didn’t really fit in other places. So I had a minor conundrum on my hands.

One day, while I was at the Home Depot, as a home owner often finds themself, I was trying to find the perfect pot for a plant that was outgrowing it’s current home. That’s when I stumbled across a small section of casters on a tray. And a little lightbulb went on in my head.

My local Home Depot only had circular trays with casters, and for some reason, I decided the ones I needed should be square. Fortunately, the internet (Amazon) provided me with the exact ones I was looking for and delivered them to me, along with zip ties, two days later.

I then put the items together and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result.

If you’re looking to replicate this project you will need (linked items are the ones I used);

  • Plant Caddy 12″ x 12″ ($20 for 2)
    Look for a caddy that has perforations in the top – for the zip ties to go through
  • Woven Milk Crate Basket ($20)
    Any woven basket that is larger than the plant caddy you choose will work
  • Zip Ties ($12 for 100)
    If you have ties that are at least 16″ long and hold 50+ pounds, that should work

First, turn the basket upside down on a counter or table top and slide the basket all the way to the edge and over some. Place the plant caddy on the bottom of the basket, wheels facing up. Then, holding a zip tie, slide your arm into the basket and thread the zip tie through the outer edge of the crate near one of the corners. Thread over the caddy and back into the basket. Flip the basket on its side and close the zip tie. You can leave the extra length until the end.

I used 4 zip ties, two on each long side of the basket. You can use more zip ties, but I wouldn’t use less than that. Once I had all four in place, I tightened them up and then cut off the excess with a flush cut.

These worked out really well for our pantry, and it makes moving them around really easy. My MIL asked me to help her put them together for her because she thought they were so cool. If you end up making these, let me know in the comments!

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