Vinyl Cutting & Craft Organization

Then I learned that all I needed to do was find an etsy shop, give them all of my money, and a few days later I’d have fancy custom vinyl labels to adhere to my containers and bins. A couple of years later, I found my addiction to labels on etsy becoming more expensive than actually owning a machine. Which led to me finally allowing my mother-in-law to purchase a cricut for me (birthday present) which she has been begging to do forever. After which I promptly attached vinyl labels to everything in the house.

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Cemetery Pillars Part 1

Neighbor: I have to ask, what are you building there?

Me: (wearing a face mask for non-pandemic reasons) Cemetery Pillars

Neighbor: For what?

Me: The Graveyard

Neighbor: …

Me: …

Neighbor: … (this is where I remember it is currently August)

Me: For the Halloween Graveyard that we set up for Halloween (wildly gesticulating to the location of the graveyard in previous years)?

Neighbor: OOhhh! That makes sense.

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Laundry Hacks

I don’t mind doing laundry. I don’t hate it, I don’t love it, I just don’t mind it. Sorting clothes, running the washer and dryer, hanging things up and putting them away are all things that I can clip through in under 10 minutes. The parts I mind are the things that take longer; folding, […]

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Organized Pantry

When we were building the house, I was pretty excited about having a pantry. I didn’t want a giant butler’s pantry like the ones infecting the Pinterest, because I couldn’t imagine ever needing to store that much food all at once. We cook a lot, but usually in 4-6 servings at a time type of way. So, the small corner pantry that was already designed for our shmedium sized (but much larger than the condo) kitchen, was going to be perfect.

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