Cemetery Pillars Part 1

Neighbor: I have to ask, what are you building there?

Me: (wearing a face mask for non-pandemic reasons) Cemetery Pillars

Neighbor: For what?

Me: The Graveyard

Neighbor: …

Me: …

Neighbor: … (this is where I remember it is currently August)

Me: For the Halloween Graveyard that we set up for Halloween (wildly gesticulating to the location of the graveyard in previous years)?

Neighbor: OOhhh! That makes sense.

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Backyard Water Feature

Over the previous summer, Chad had been making a few comments about the waterfall. It bothered him that you could see the exposed backing from the side. He hated the metal trim that he had put in place to keep the wood from rotting. It annoyed both of us how quickly the well/bucket would run out of water.

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