Broom Closet

Update from Original Post on February 10, 2016

When we were in the planning stages of the house, the original floor plan had called for a small coat closet in between the kitchen and the garage entrance.  This made absolutely no sense to me because:

  1. Entryway Coat Closets belong near the front door ENTRYWAY
  2. Entryway Coat Closets do not belong in the kitchen
  3. I know everything

I had already altered the floor plan to create a larger entryway with a nice big coat closet for guests (and, let’s be honest, Bella stuff) so it seemed even more unnecessary. I was just about to have them erase the small closet when I realized that nowhere, in our brand new home, had I planned for a place to keep the vacuum, broom, and other cleaning supplies.

I started with an Elfa closet design that would help store most of what we needed in the closet. I fully intend, at some point, to build out a “real” closet but that project is low on the list of things to do at the moment.

I added an Elfa Door and Wall Rack which makes the closet work that much harder. We have a few things that were frequently left on the kitchen counter (packing tape, sharpies, measuring tape, box cutters) and after a year or two, we made room for them in the Broom Closet.

I like to keep good and bad scissors together at various locations throughout the house. This is so that the good scissors don’t get ruined by a nameless housemate of mine who doesn’t understand the difference between good scissors and scissors you can use in non-scissor appropriate ways (like opening a box). And also so that scissors should always be a few steps away and not need to be moved around.

I hate keeping things in boxes, mostly due to how difficult it is to uniformly store things in them. So the swiffer pads (we are transitioning to the kind that can be washed), reusable wash cloths, and dusters are kept in clear stackable large shoe drawers.

It also turned out to be a great location to keep batteries (battery storage organizer from amazon), extra keys (command key holder) and the garage door opener we don’t use (command wall caddy).

The Door and Wall Rack has great deep shelves for cleaning supplies, extra paper towels, and garbage bags.

The most exciting thing about this broom closet is that once we are done cleaning, we can shove put everything away in the closet and close the door and pretend that magical elves clean our home while we are sleeping.

It’s pretty fantastic. Definitely the best closet I’ve ever saved 😉

4 thoughts on “Broom Closet

  1. Occasionally I’ll call out and ask what my husband is doing on the other side of the house. He has learned that announcing he’s cutting paper with the fabric scissors is a surefire way to raise my blood pressure.


    1. When Chad used the fabric scissors to cut the foam board for his batman costume I thought I was going to have to bury him in his batman costume 😉


  2. Wonderful and I love it but growing up on a farm we had a coat closet near the garage and back door. The farm coats and covealls were kept there. If we were going to the barn or to do chores we would grab our farm coat. This was not a closet you would want to hang an expensive coat but it served a very useful purpose. We also had a coat closet near the front door for nice coats and guests..


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