The Running Crazies Never Really Go Away

I don’t usually do the New Year Resolutions thing. I mean sure, every new year I want to lose weight, get my shit together, and finally FINALLY write that novel I’ve been threatening to write since I was 6. But I’m not really into a new year being a starting point for something I shouldn’t have been procrastinating in the first place. Or some other excuse.

Back in October when I finally had to stop pretending that I was still 29, I started kicking around this idea that maybe I would do 20 things in 2020. Just to change things up for the coming decade. The solidification of said idea was when I was freezing my butt off – inappropriately dressed for a winter race as per usual – running the Turkey Day 5k, I thought to myself, “I should do this more often”.

And that is how I decided that I was going to run 20 races in 2020.

Chad decided that he was all in, even though he would likely be finishing quite a bit faster than me. Currently, he runs a 6 minute mile on the treadmill at 5am while I’m still sleeping. Every day. Four miles or more at a time. Which is why he’s already placed in his age group at one of our running events.

Fortunately my friend Kyla decided – totally of her own volition – to run all 20 races with me. It has nothing to do with the rumor that certain members of my family belong to the mafia.

Being the the genius at math that I am, I realized that I could get away with doing 2 races per month, and skip January and December which tend to be the most temperamental when it comes to weather and air quality. Kyla brings to the table the skill of finding fun races at affordable prices.

As it stands currently we have completed two of the twenty, and more importantly collected 2 medals:

  1. SLC Run Series 5k
  2. Candy Heart 5k

Both races have been small in attendance and very very very cold. But fortunately we had nice air quality. So there’s that? #winning

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