25 Days of Holiday Fun

For the past few years, Chad and I have been working on a family tradition with a name we most certainly did not borrow from ABC Family: 25 Days of Holiday Fun. In fact, I know a lot of families with little kids do this – sometimes with events, sometimes with chocolates. It’s basically an Advent Calendar without the candy. Chad and I are like children, so obviously this appeals to us.

Starting on December 1, we do something small every day to celebrate the Holiday/Winter Season. After our first attempt (which was actually just 12 days of Christmas) we liked the advent-calendar-esque approach of planning fun ways to celebrate the season. Usually the season would rush by without us even unearthing our box of Christmas movies. This gave us the chance to do everything we wanted. So we expanded it to 25 days and a tradition was born.

I used to create a calendar in Word and then type out our 25 Days of Christmas Fun activity for each day – but it didn’t look as festive as I would have liked. Then, while perusing the Pinterest, pinspiration hit – as it does: I would make individual day cards in a flip-book kind of way! I was so excited about this that I started my project in October, when I usually don’t allow any Christmas-type activities until after Thanksgiving.

First, I had to head to the local craft store, because I don’t own much in the way of crafts. A hot glue gun? Yes, that’s something you have to own if you are a married female or crafty gay man in the state of Utah. Scrap booking stickers and craft paper? No. Please don’t tell my neighbors, they might kick us out of the state.



  • Wooden gift tags (30, they come in packs of 10)
  • Christmas Card Stock, small
  • Christmas, Winter, and Holiday themed scrap booking stickers
  • White, sparkly, scrap booking number stickers
  • Clear tape
  • Avery 2X2 Labels
  • Kragle (or Krazy Glue, watch the LEGO Movie already!)
  • Large (3″) Ring Binder Clip

Next, Chad and I sat down with a printed calendar of December and our individual schedules. Then we mapped out:

  • Local events (Festival of Trees, Candlelight Christmas, etc)
  • Parties to throw or attend
  • Seasonal Movies to watch
  • Holiday Shopping & Gift Wrapping
  • Winter-y events (skiing, ice skating, Christmas lights, etc)

Then, I sat down with our calendar and created a tag for each day, with the date and decorations on the front, and the event (printed onto an Avery label) on the back.  And I tried very hard to be crafty – I think I succeeded.

Christmas Tags

We hung our little calendar from a command hook in the kitchen and each day we flip to our day and check the event scheduled on the back (upside-down so we can read it without removing the calendar from the wall). It definitely makes me smile! You can follow me on instagram where I’ll post our daily activities with #25DaysofChristmasFun.

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