Pots and Pans Organization

Pots, Pans, cookware, and bakeware are generally the most difficult thing to organize in a kitchen. They are bulky, different sizes, and don’t often stack easily – and sometimes shouldn’t be stacked at all (teflon). No matter how nicely you stack and store them, you’ll often find yourself needing an item nestled in the middle, undoing the whole stack. And that’s not even taking into consideration the lids!

This Rev-A-Shelf solution was perfect for our kitchen. The whole unit fit in the cabinet right near the stove, and was able to fit our most frequent used pots and pans and their lids, with room to spare. It was pretty simple to install, too.

The cast iron skillet and our larger teflon pan fit neatly on these LYNK pull out sliding shelves in a nearby cabinet. If you can’t tell, they are MASSIVE and I don’t use them quite as often as the other pieces, so it makes sense for them to be on their own and out of the way. Also, that skillet is HEAVY and it can’t be trusted near the teflon pans. It knows what it did.

There are several ways to organize pots, pans, and lids but the first thing I always recommend is to pare down to what you actually use. The stainless steel cookware we have was part of a larger set, with a tiny sauce pan and a tiny pot and I never ever used them. Ok, the one or two times I did, I regretted using them and almost immediately dumped the contents into the larger pot or pan. I finally parted ways with those items instead of trying to store the whole set, simply because it was part of a set. If you need permission to part with pieces of a set you don’t use: here it is, I give you permission.

Next, we find a solution that fits the space you have in your kitchen.

This is not a sponsored post, and there are no affiliate links in this post.

Sliding Shelves

Generally speaking, these are the more expensive options. LYNK, Rev-A-Shelf, and TQVAI are all companies that sell very nice and sturdy sliding shelves with may other sizes and configurations than I listed here. I like that you can store all of your items neatly together without stacking and potentially scratching them. I also love how both LYNK and Rev-A-Shelf are easily customizable to fit whatever your collection can throw at it.

Stack Racks

I love these storage options because they are inexpensive, but still offer the ability to stack your cookware, without scratching, and without needing to worry about knocking everything over when you remove a piece. The STORLUX, the 7-Compartment Chrome Holder, and the Heavy Duty Pan Organizer, can all be stacked horizontally or vertically, which gives you greater flexibility for storage options.

Hanging Organizers

If you’re short on cabinet space, and have wall or ceiling real estate, hanging storage might be a good option for you. I love that all the wall shelf, ceiling organizer, and bar rack all have the option to also store cooking utensils. Whenever it’s possible to organize items that are used together in the same location, I see that as a win for organization and efficiency. I’m very fun at parties, in case you were wondering.

To recap: don’t stack your cookware in precarious pyramids. It’s bad for your cookware and it makes for a very un-fun game of jenga every time you want to cook. DO find a solution that separates and protects the cookware you need, while making it easy to grab and put away.

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