Race Medal & Bib Organization

We have amassed several medals and race bibs over the past few years. Some might consider that an understatement. At the condo, we had a small section in the entryway to display our medals, it was a 24″ medal holder with two sides, one side for each of us. We very quickly outgrew that before we’d even settled into the blue house.

As I was configuring the space for how to store our medals in the blue house, I kept coming across the same issue over and over again: I didn’t have a plan for our race bibs. I always figured the medal was the thing I was collecting, but I couldn’t get myself to get rid of the race bib either. After spending many months looking online for the right solution, I found it.

This item has a long ass name on Amazon, but basically it holds medals AND your race bibs in a plastic sleeve. The plastic sleeve solves the issue of the non-uniform size of all race bibs. And the fact that wearing them for 2 hours or more basically makes them a crinkly sweaty mess… a lot of the time. You can also order more plastic sleeves, which we did.

The medal hanger we had at the condo was purchased from a runDisney Health & Fitness Expo. We really liked the simplicity of our original holder, but we needed more of them, and we needed them to be larger. Fortunately it had come in a box and lo and behold, they had a website. The company is Allied Medal Hangers and they have many options and sizes to choose from.

So our secondary setup was that we had the Disney holder and the “Don’t Ever Give Up” holder each with in a single line. After Chad’s marathon a few years ago, it came time to order yet another holder (so now we each had one and shared the Disney holder) and then added more bars to the single holders. We also ordered these plastic medal clips, so we could change the length of the medals as they are pictured below.

As you can see, we have almost run out of space again. This is after I sorted through all of our medals and pulled out a couple of several years old virtual races that were Christmas themed to make into ornaments for the tree this coming year (an idea I got from Young House Love). And we still have more medals to add this year!

This being the third placement of our medal collection, the fourth is already planned. But that’s for another post.

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