More Moving Stuff

In the beginning of March, we put our Condo on the market, and in the middle of April we got an offer.  We had a hard situation at that point because the buyer wanted us out in 20 days and in 17 days we were going to be in Disneyland. And also, probably more importantly, our new house isn’t finished yet. So, we could either wait to see if the deal went through and move out right before we left on vacation, or we could move that weekend and hope that everything went through.

We went with the latter plan.  In a whirlwind of crazy, lots of take-out, and Bella acting as though the world was going to end, we moved into our new (temporary) home. Once we put away our clothes we pulled them out and packed for our trip so Bella lost her mind again.  Everything worked out and the deed transfer happened while we were on our flight to Disneyland.

The absolute best part of the new (and temporary) home is the backyard. There is a sliding glass door to the backyard, so we had to get a door insert to add a dog door.

Since this is a temporary living situation, we didn’t want to do anything permanent to the door or door frame, so we put in the insert and removed the locking mechanisms. And because I’m the most paranoid person ever, I added a makeshift sliding glass door stop until I could have one cut.


Bella loves being able to go in and out as she pleases, so the backyard has slowly been destroying the Everything Is Awful thought bubble she has hanging out over her head. This has also been a huge improvement to Chad’s sleep schedule, since for the last 4+ years, every few nights or more, Bella wakes him up to take her outside so she can either pee or sniff all the grass on the property. I would be more than happy to take her outside, but she doesn’t wake me up. Probably because I could sleep through an earthquake.

In fact, this house and its yard has so many sun spots throughout the day, Bella may never leave.  It will be difficult to convince her that the new home will have any benefits over this home.


Since it means moving again, I may stay with her for at least four to five years.

The second best thing is that we’ve been able to watch the new house go from a dirt plot to a hole in the ground to the frame of our future home.


Every evening we can walk down the road and see what’s new with the house. I’m also hoping it will help Bella get accustomed to her new new home. Hopefully it will have just as many acceptable snooze spots as the one we’re staying in.


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