Salt Lake Half 2015

Last year I ran six half marathons which is… a lot, especially for someone who hadn’t ever run a half marathon before. For 11 months I felt like I was constantly training for my next event. After my last event in November, I decided to slow down a little and wait until January 1st before actively training for the next race: the 2015 Salt Lake Half Marathon alllllll the way in April.

It was an insanely mild winter in SLC, so I was able to train outside most of the time. When we did have a little rain or lingering inversion, I did speed training on the treadmill. It was definitely different from having to commute to the Kearns Oval three times a week like last year… #contributingtotheinversion.

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Salt Lake Half 2014

But then, the week of the half marathon, Chad talked me into staying with him for the run, rather than running separately like we’d done the past two races. The night before the race, I went to sleep thinking that there was a small chance that I might cross the finish line in under 2 hours – which had been my goal since Disneyland.

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