Holiday Countdown Calendar

What we do a little differently with our calendar, is that we have event tickets (that we previously plan, obviously) favorite holiday movies and tv episodes, and activities like baking gingerbread or making a holiday charcuterie board – instead of the standard small gifts and candy every day. We do hide candy on random days, and for special occasions there are gifts (for instance, two years ago we went out of town for a few days and so Chad got a new pair of wireless headphones to take on the plane instead of making him wait until Christmas day to open them). However, it is more of an event calendar than a gift calendar.

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screaming carols all the way

I was perusing the Pinterest the other day and started noticing this creepy looking thing routinely popping up. I finally gave in and clicked on one of the images and found that it was an “Elf on the Shelf”. I did what I usually do when I am hopeful that the internet is hoaxing me: I googled it.

After reading this and this, I felt pretty certain that I had a handle on what is going on here: some Martha Stewart wannabe invented this garbage so more mothers everywhere could feel inferior. I keep hoping that this is an EPIC internet joke and that this does not actually exist. Just… insane.

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