Kitchen Drawer Organization

Updated from a September 2016 Post

You need to understand how much I love drawer organizers. I can spend hours in a Target or The Container Store holding drawer organizers and imagining how much MORE my drawers could be organized with each one. And then I put them back, because I already have a collection or unused drawer organizers at home, waiting to live in a drawer.

My name is Sarah, and I have a drawer organizer problem.

But you should also know that the people who make drawer organizers obviously don’t use them. This results in there being three types of drawer organizers:

  1. drawer organizers I like
  2. drawer organizers that fit the utensils we have
  3. ugly drawer organizers

The other inevitable issue is that even if you can find drawer organizers that fit the first two categories, you will have leftover space that make the organizers shift about whenever you open the drawers. If there is something that is the polar opposite of how much I love drawer organizers, it is how much I abhor wasted space.

To sum up: organizing drawers is a complicated and frustrating process. #FirstWorldProblems

Sometimes you find a complete utensil organizer that matches at least ONE dimension of your drawer, and it makes you strangely excited. And then there’s a gaping hole on the other dimension that nothing will fit into. And you feel all the rage. There are a lot of emotions involved in this process.

A trick I learned a few years ago was to put a glob or two of museum putty on the under side of your drawer organizer. It keeps it from sliding into unused – or in this case used – space when you open and shut the drawers. That way, instead of having to find a utensil organizer that fit the exact spot I needed, I used the space to store our collection of metal straws so my hippie younger sister will stop yelling at me about sea turtles.

We go through a lot of measuring utensils and pinch bowls. At the condo, we had one set of each, and I was always cleaning things to use again immediately, or using them in order of cleanliness (white sugar first, molasses last) so I could get the most use out of one cup. And then, one day it hit me; there is no rule that I can only own one set of measuring utensils.

 I feel a little silly that it took so many years to realize this.

This is a liquids drawer. Do you have a liquids drawer? I use items in this drawer fairly frequently. I don’t know if this is weird or normal, but I always have fresh squeezed lime for my margaritas. I utilized my museum putty / creating a useable spot out of extra space again if you will notice the upper right hand corner.

The bottom drawer is more for baking. And since I bake fairly infrequently, this seemed like a good spot for these infrequently used items.

This drawer is my pride and joy because I spent WAAAAAY more time than is normal – or some might say, necessary – trying to figure out how to organize this drawer and keep ALLLLLLL of the things pictured inside of it. Which is how google listened to my deepest thoughts and started advertising this mat organizer (Home Drawer Organizer) to me. And my life has been forever changed. Mostly because LOOK HOW PRETTY.

This is the knife drawer, obviously. Initially I wanted the knives to be in a drawer under the built in / pull-out chopping block. But the drawer knife blocks I could find were slightly too tall and the drawer wouldn’t close so they were in another location for a while. Finally I found this one, which is a full inch shorter than all the others. And everything (including kitchen scissors, herb trimmer, and knife sharpener) fit in the drawer. And all was right with the world once again.

This is my cutting board. With the hole in it. So I can sweep the bits I don’t need into the trash below. An idea I got from pinterest. I’m very proud of it.

Because we had so many drawers (compared to the condo) I knew when I was planning the kitchen that there was going to be a spice drawer. If there is one thing I have always hated about every kitchen I’ve ever cooked in is WHY DO WE PUT ALL THE SPICES ON ONE SHELF IN A CABINET AND THEN SORT THROUGH EACH SPICE TO FIND THE ONE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR EVERY D*** TIME??? IT’S MADNESS!

I’m here to tell you, there’s a better way. There’s also a more crazy way, which is decanting the spices into same sized containers (Progressive International Seasoning Keepers) and having custom labels made on etsy. I’m so crazy about this drawer.  I don’t want to say that I love it… but it’s up there in drawers I open on a daily basis that make me glad I’m alive.

There are more drawers. But this is the last one I’m going to share today. Because I can’t imagine anyone getting as excited as I do about organized drawers. So, you’re welcome.

This is the meat thermometer drawer. It is a very very small drawer. It probably didn’t even need the two organizers, but they fit so well, I couldn’t not. They also keep my meat toothpicks (for the turkeys and anytime I make one of those meat roll thingies) from sliding about in the drawer.

So there you have it. Drawers. Organized are best. Moral of this long post; drawer organizers and museum putty make your kitchen drawers amazing and life altering. Do the things. Thank me later.

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