Windowsill Herb Garden

Last week I took a planned vacation day and among other piddling errands I FINALLY went to Cactus & Tropicals. I say FINALLY because the lovely Kalie and Jason got us a wedding gift card to Cactus & Tropicals. You know… that wedding that happened almost 2 years ago? I had been too afraid to shop at a garden store until the recent success of my indoor office windowsill herb garden (thanks in part to Annie):

Yaaaaaaaaay. And so I thought that maybe I could… er… BRANCH out (ha ha) to other herbs. (Groan.)

I wasn’t thinking this would be that big of a deal and then I stepped inside and I fell in LOVE. It was a mixture of warm slightly humid air, the 1920s garden cottage feel, the soft classical music, and all the beautiful flowers. I wandered around for almost an hour until I finally settled on mint, rosemary, and a blue ceramic pot.

Pretty soon, I’ll have living plants all over the house… like some normal human!

One thought on “Windowsill Herb Garden

  1. Yay! Quite possibly my favorite location during the End of Winter days. Love the plants! Your herb garden is adorable. Current photo? Looks great! I've always had a hard time keeping herbs alive. I think I also have no proper window for those things. Now, pepper and tomato starts under a grow light on my fridge… doing just fine. It only looks a little like a pot farm 😀


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