Violets are Blue

The most ridiculous idea I came up with recently was to have an indoor herb garden. I’ve wanted a small garden for awhile but we have no backyard. And as far as I can tell I inherited my mother’s ability to grow things… which is a complete and utter inability to grow things. A black thumb if you will.

The thumb of death if we’re being completely honest.

When I was younger, every 6 months my mom would stubbornly purchase a miniature rosemary bush and place it next to the sink so she would remember to water it. And several weeks later it would be dead, dried out, and sporting cheerios on it’s dead limbs. I don’t know why we did that but I’m sure it had something to do with Salt Lake City and the small amount of kicks you can get when you can’t drive somewhere and have “real” fun.

Last Christmas, my sister, Annie, got me an indoor herb garden kit. I followed all the instructions diligently and even downloaded an app on my phone to remind me to water my seeds. But I didn’t take pictures or get too excited because I had absolutely no faith that anything would grow. I’m not a pessimist, I’m a pragmatist. Some traits you just come by honestly.

Despite the fact that the best window sill for sun in the condo is the room furthest from the kitchen sink – where I might be more likely to remember to water it – my self proclaimed black thumb, and my general excellence in forgetting about things…

I grew things! Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley to be exact. Maybe I’ll expand on to other things… or maybe I’ll just stick to keeping these alive for awhile 🙂

One thought on “Violets are Blue

  1. Yay! I'm so impressed! Now, you have to use them. I mean, I occasionally try to grow some Basil… and I've always got a sickly lemon verbena floating around… but I never, ever get around to using my own fresh herbs in my cooking. Also, i feel it is an appropriate time in our friendship to let you know that I am "one of those people" who adamantly feels that Cilantro tastes


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